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Terminally ill Tijn (6) went to the Glass House in Breda with one last wish - and raises over 1 million in two days

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  2. Terminally ill Tijn (6) went to the Glass House in Breda with one last wish - and raises over 1 million in two days

This is the moving story of six-year-old Tijn: He is terminally ill (he suffers from brain cancer) and has one last wish. He wants to raise as much money as possible to help other children. And see what happens then...

Tijn has one last wish

Tijn wants to prevent children dying from pneumonia. “Most of the poor kids infected with pneumonia don’t even live to be five years old. That is why we’re standing up to fight,” his father said. And that is why he showed up at the Glass House (‘Glazen Huis’) with a request: he wants to paint nails to raise funds for 3FM Serious Request and the Red Cross.
He asks people to donate €1 every time he paints someone’s nails, but anyone can participate. Just paint your nails, donate at 3FM.nl/dutchboytijn, and challenge three of your friends to do the same by tagging them. If you donate, share a picture of your painted nails using the hashtags #lakaan (literally translates to ‘Paint on’ in Dutch) and #SR16.
Tijns personal anthem is 'Roar' by Katy Perry. It's his favourite song and it embodies the spirit of both 3FM Serious Request and Tijns own initative. As his father said: "You need big lungs to be able to roar like a lion".

Challenge goes viral in the Netherlands - 1 million euros in two days

Tijn's challenge touches the hearts of many people. The main square in the city of Breda is filling up to support him. And al lot of people are sharing photos of them wearing nail polish. Among them are famous Dutch DJ Armin van Buuren, kickboxer Rico Verhoeven and several Dutch politicians. Within one day the challenge has raised over 300.000 euros. Within two days his challenge hits one million euros. And we're still counting...

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What is 3FM Serious Request?

3FM Serious Request is an annual event in The Netherlands where radiostation 3FM works together with the Red Cross for an ‘unknown cause’. The ‘unknown cause’ is an issue that rarely gets attention in the media, but impacts many people’s lives on a daily basis. Together 3FM and Red Cross organise 3FM Serious Request to raise awareness and money for the cause.
This year 3FM Serious Request focuses on children dying from pneumonia. Unknown to most people, this is one of the deadliest infections for children under five years old. Every day 2500 kids die from pneumonia. This can be prevented with the right resources and knowledge. Pneumonia is dangerous, but it doesn’t need to be deadly.
This year there are eight Glass Houses spread around Europe. Eight countries have joined the event that started in 2004 in The Netherlands at the Dutch public media services.
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