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About 3FM Serious Request 2017

foto: Sander, Angelique & Domien
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3FM Serious Request is The Netherlands' biggest fundraising event. In the week leading up to Christmas, three radio DJ's lock themselves up in a glass house, where they don't eat for six days straight and play requested songs in exchange for donations. This year 3FM Serious Request is raising money to help the Red Cross reunite families that are torn apart by conflicts or natural disasters.

About 3FM Serious Request

3FM Serious Request takes place annually from 18 to 24 december, always in a different city in The Netherlands. This year the 13th edition takes place at the Marktplein in Apeldoorn. Three 3FM-dj's are locked into a glass house where they broadcast 24/7 without eating any food. They play requested songs in exchange for donations and thousands of people in The Netherlands also donate money through their own initiatives.

This year Domien Verschuuren, Angelique Houtveen and Sander Hoogendoorn will broadcast from the glass house. The glass house is always located on a square, where thousands of visitors gather every year to participate in the events and donate. To celebrate the effort of all these people, there's a big stage at the Marktplein where many acts perform every night.

Last year's event raised €9.257.000 for the prevention of lung cancer in developing countries.

Photo: Ben Houdijk

About this year's cause

At this moment there are four million people separated from their loved ones. Parents do not know where their children have fled, and vice versa. Some children have to survive on their own for years on end, making it impossible for them to work on their future. The Red Cross travels to refugee camps and villages in conflict areas to locate people who have lost their families. They photograph them, place their personal information in a database and then travel further to find new connections to these people.

If they have a lead, they enable family members to send each other a written message or they facilitate a phone call. When possible, the Red Cross also facilitates a reunion between parents and children. However, funds are limited and there are simply not enough people to ensure that everyone gets in touch with their loved ones. This needs to change.

How can you help?

At 3FM.nl/seriousrequest you can request a song and donate money. Thousands of people have started fundraising for 3FM Serious Request themselves, varying from baking cookies to organizing events with schools and companies. You can check out these initiatives on 3FM.nl/kominactie. There's also a webshop that sells themed merchandise. At 3FM.nl/veiling you can bid on exclusive items and experiences that celebrities have made available exclusively for 3FM Serious Request.

All proceeds will go to 3FM Serious Request so we can help the Red Cross in their search for lost family members in conflict areas such as Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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