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3FM Serious Request is an annual radio and multimedia fundraising event developed and hosted by Dutch NPO subsidiary 3FM since 2004.

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3FM Serious Request (Glass House Project) in general

3FM Serious Request was created as a means of raising money for charity and meeting audience expectations of public service values. Three 3FM DJs lock themselves up in a glass studio for six days. During those days, they eat nothing, broadcast live radio and television 24 hours a day and can be followed online. The concept has grown each consecutive year and has spread beyond the Netherlands.

3FM Serious Request 2015

This year 3FM Serious Request dedicates herself to this next generation in war and conflict areas: children and young adults who live in the most extreme circumstances and therefore have little chance on schooling and development. They are the silent victims of war. Radio station NPO 3FM gives them a voice through Serious Request.

A silent disaster

Almost 50 million children and young adults are currently unable to (regularly) attend school or professional training courses as a consequence of war or conflict. Instead children and young adults in conflict areas are focused on surviving. This next generation deserves more. Children and young adults who grow up surrounded by war should be offered the opportunity to develop themselves. So that they can provide for themselves and can work towards a better future, for themselves and the country in which they live.

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NPO 3FM and the Netherlands Red Cross want to give children and young adults in conflict areas hope for a better future by providing schooling, vocational training and where required, psychological support. NPO 3FM and the Red Cross are raising awareness and money for these silent victims of war with 3FM Serious Request 2015.

Right to a future In times of war children and young adults are frequently unable to complete their education. Almost 50 million children and young adults in conflict areas can not (regularly) attend school or vocational training. These children and young adults deserve more. This next generation growing up in in conflict in countries like Syria, South Sudan, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo deserves more future. They need to be given the opportunity to develop themselves, to become makers, innovators and visionaries. To shape their own lives and rebuild their countries.

The influence of war and conflict on a young life

War and conflict can disrupt daily life overnight. Entire villages and cities are destroyed. Income and basic services disappear. Large conflicts, often lasting years, render people extremely vulnerable. In large volatile areas such as Syria, South Sudan, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo millions of people urgently require assistance[2]. In Syria alone 12 million people, including 5.6 million minors, require shelter, food and medical assistance.

(Foto: Ben Houdijk)

Children and young adults’ fundamental rights are often violated in times of conflict. They lack the right to education, healthcare and a safe place to live and play. Without these rights children and young adults are placed at enormous risk. They have to flee their homes or get separated from their families. Children are recruited to take up arms and are sometimes used as targets. They get injured or are sexually exploited.

Children and young adults often have to help feed their family. Schools are destroyed or used for other purposes. Educational materials are lacking. Or the journey to school is simply too dangerous.Even when the opportunity to pursue an education is present, these factors can mean children struggle to focus on learning. Traumatic experiences and lack of food may result in concentration problems, with learning deficits as a result. Overall in times of war children and young adults lose prospects of a better future.

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