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Weval is de naam van een Amsterdams DJ duo. De mannen scoren meteen een internationale release op het befaamde Duitse Kompakt label met hun EP Half Age (2013). De track 'Detian' wordt gebruikt in een commercial voor frisdrank, met niemand minder dan de bloedmooie actrice Penelope Cruz in de hoofdrol.

Weval's name is derived from the Dutch word 'waterval', unsurprisingly translated as 'waterfall', and it's not too bad an attempt to sum up their work in mere semantics given the susurrus vibe of their sound; well perhaps if said waterall was made of rich, flowing treacle. Harm Coolen and Merijn Scholte are the brains behind the project who met whilst working in the film industry in 2010, and the young Dutch producers here have successfully crafted a sedated, deep sound that maybe one day the kids will label as heroin-step or something.