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Dinsdag 30 september 2008 - 19:06 uur

The 3FM and Red Cross annual fundraising event for charity needs your help. For the fifth year in a row three DJ’s will fast for refugees.3FM Serious Request is the annual fundraising event for a specific charity in collaboration with the Red Cross.

Please take a look at the video below:

For the fifth year in a row in the week before Christmas, three DJ’s will confine themselves to a glass studio on a central square in a large city for six days without food. 3FM, the Dutch public pop music station, will broadcast live from the glass studio on radio, tv and internet twenty-four hours a day from December 19th to 24th.

The public can request songs for a donation and are kept informed about the charity and it’s objectives during the marathon radio programme. The campaign’s main goals are to raise awareness and funds for under acknowledged issues.

Serious Request – Fundraising
As said, this year's Request will be the fifth in a series of succesful Serious Requests.

In 2004, the initial year, 3FM Serious Request raised € 915,955.00 for aid to refugees in Darfur, Sudan.
In 2005 € 2,203,549.00 was raised for child soldiers in Congo.
Belgian public radio station Studio Brussel joined the cause in 2006 and helped raise € 5,596,838.00 towards support for landmine victims worldwide.

The Swiss station Couleur Trois was the third to join in 2007 and together the three stations raised a grand total of € 8,754,252.00 to help provide suitable water facilities for consumption and sanitation in third world countries.

Serious Request 2008 – Objectives
3FM Serious Request 2008 is aimed at raising awareness for refugee aid. The number of people fleeing conflict and disaster areas increases yearly. The result, 36 million refugees worldwide; people who, besides losing personal belongings, have lost the facilities to meet primary human needs. They have no shelter, no medical aid, no safety and no food or water.

The Red Cross provides victims with food, water, health care and shelter. The humanitarian organisation also offers building materials to create living environments which were previously destroyed. Serious Request gives the cause an identity.

Media range
In the last four years, 3FM Serious Request has continued to grow as a national event. People from all over Holland come to visit the glass studio to give a donation and encourage the DJ’s. Fundraising initiatives arise throughout the country to help raise money.

In 2007, 3FM Serious Request reached 10.1 million people through radio, tv and internet. 5.2 million people listened to the radio programme and an amazing 9.3 million people followed the campaign on television.

3FM Serious Request was broadcast on the public television channels Nederland 1 and Nederland 3, show case channels from practically all cable operators and on 101, one of the NPO digital theme channels.

370.000 people visited the 3FM Serious Request website on which people could watch the DJ’s live in the glass studio, request songs and bid on auction items.

Last year, HRH Prince Willem Alexander gave the start sign to launch the campaign.

How you can help
This year’s appeal is focused on help for refugees. To generate as much attention and funds as possible, 3FM would like to request you to offer an item for the Serious Request auction. In the auction, special items from well known personalities from all over the world are offered and sold to the highest bidder. All proceeds will go to the Red Cross and their refugee programme.

A personal message e.g. video message would be much appreciated. For example:
“Hi DJ’s in Holland! I heard about your great initiative to raise money for refugees. I would gladly give my contribution by offering you ...(item and story behind it) for the auction. I hope it raises a lot of money for Serious Request to help refugees worldwide. Good luck!”

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